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Fee Free Checking: Just Like It Should Be

When your fee-free checking account suddenly turns into a fee-driven checking account, it's time to turn to Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union. We've seen time and time again the power of fee-free checking for our members, and that's why we're not following the pack by attaching huge minimum balances and fees to our fee-free checking account.

With our Fee Free Checking, you get all of our convenience services, plus a checking account with no minimum balance, no monthly service charges, and you'll receive a FREE VISA® Debit Card the same day you open your account. Even better, it only takes a $5.00 deposit to get started.

If you tend to keep a higher balance in your checking account, earn interest with our Premier Checking account. With a monthly requirement of $1,000 you can earn a competitive interest rate on your funds.

Our Checking Accounts are designed to make your life easier with online access to many convenience services. Plus, if you receive Direct Deposit to your Checking Account, we will post it up to one (1) business day early.

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When those big banks start charging fees for checking, we push forward on the high road. LONG LIVE FEE FREE CHECKING.

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